The Simulators

Squadron Ops’ networked simulators are designed to provide an immersive flight sim experience, and can shift from simulating a modern fighter to a WWII aircraft in minutes. Tear into the merge at 1,000 knots of closure in an F-15 against a friend flying a MiG-29, or pull to the buffet in a Hellcat feet off the waves of Okinawa while chasing Zeros. A HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) system that mirrors the A-10C and F-15 is topped-off with two MFDs (Multi-Function Displays) to allow easy access to all aircraft controls. Our Illinois location has eight simulators, while our Florida location has four simulators.

In air combat, if you lose sight, you lose the fight. Other simulators that feature projection displays or partial domes don't let you follow your opponent every moment of a dogfight. Squadron Ops' sims feature a head-tracking system which lets you look around naturally and amplifies your head movements to allow you to follow all of the action. You don't lose sight, and you don't need to use awkward key commands to change your view.

The Squadron Ops Experience

  • Unique Corporate Team Building Events
  • No-Holds Barred Dogfights
  • Instruction From Real Pilots
  • Perfect for Pilots of All Skill Levels

Squadron Ops Gift Certificates

Would you like to buy a Squadron Ops flight simulation experience for a friend or a loved one but not sure what date to schedule their experience for? Now you can let them decide!

Squadron Ops Sim Center lets you experience modern or World War II air combat without ever leaving the ground Featuring high definition displays, IR head-tracking, and awesome power to create an immersive and exciting experience

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