Squadron Events

In addition to letting you reserve our sims for your private use, you can also participate in our squadron events! Learn air to air and air to ground tactics from real pilots, practice your basic flight techniques, compete to see who the best dogfighter is, or work with other SOSC pilots to beat the most challenging scenarios our staff can devise.

Our Block Clearance, UPT, and IFF events are open to pilots of all skill levels, and Red Flag events are open to pilots who have flown our simulators at least once before, but our expert staff is always there to help. You’ll get at least two hours of stick time and will get to meet other SOSC pilots.

As a bonus, for some of our events our locations are networked together, allowing pilots at both locations to fly together!

Combat Simulations

Fight Night

1v1 & 2v2

Open Play

Cooperative vs.
AI and SOSC Staff

RED Flag

4 vs. AI Full
Wargame Scenarios

Flight Simulations


Air and Ground
Attack Tactics Lessons


Basic Flying

The Squadron Ops Experience

  • Unique Corporate Team Building Events
  • No-Holds Barred Dogfights
  • Instruction From Real Pilots
  • Perfect for Pilots of All Skill Levels

Squadron Ops Gift Certificates

Would you like to buy a Squadron Ops flight simulation experience for a friend or a loved one but not sure what date to schedule their experience for? Now you can let them decide!

Squadron Ops Sim Center lets you experience modern or World War II air combat without ever leaving the ground Featuring high definition displays, IR head-tracking, and awesome power to create an immersive and exciting experience

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