Simulator Packages

Squadron Ops is open from 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week, by appointment. You can reserve our simulators for use by yourself or with up to three friends. If you don’t use all four simulators you will not be combined with another group. During your time you have exclusive use of the facility and Squadron Ops staff members will fill-in and provide an ally or opposition as required.

Squadron Ops offers a 50% discount for active duty, Guard, and reserve (including individual ready reserve) members of the US and allied armed forces. Please contact us today to arrange for the discount.

Every mission begins with a fifteen-minute briefing starting with basic principles of flight and proceeding on to basic air combat techniques. Then you’ll fire up your simulators, and spend fifteen minutes getting the feel of your aircraft. Then, you’ll have forty-five minutes for a no-holds barred dogfight against the other members of your group. This is for all the marbles and bragging rights, so use everything you’ve got!

1 - hour mission (75-minute experience)
1 person - $90
2 people - $150
3 people - $200
4 people - $240

The Squadron Ops Experience

  • Unique Corporate Team Building Events
  • No-Holds Barred Dogfights
  • Instruction From Real Pilots
  • Perfect for Pilots of All Skill Levels

Squadron Ops Gift Certificates

Would you like to buy a Squadron Ops flight simulation experience for a friend or a loved one but not sure what date to schedule their experience for? Now you can let them decide!

Squadron Ops Sim Center lets you experience modern or World War II air combat without ever leaving the ground Featuring high definition displays, IR head-tracking, and awesome power to create an immersive and exciting experience

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