Squadron Ops Parties and Events

Squadron Ops is the perfect location for your next party or event for all ages! We’ll help you throw the perfect birthday party, corporate outing, bachelor party, or just an exciting day of air combat with your friends. We have four simulators at each of our locations. Pick from any of the following events or mix and match for even more time in our simulators. No experience is required, and everybody will get lots of sim time.

Parties are planned for three hours total time, including a briefing, getting on flight suits, and some practice time in the simulators before the main event begins. With one staff member for every four simulators, everybody gets lots of individual attention.

2v2 Dogfight Tournament

Want to know who is the best? Figure it out in our team dogfight tournament! After a briefing on the simulators and some practice time, we’ll divide you into teams of two pilots, and then in a round-robin or double-elimination tournament format figure out who is Top Gun. This format allows for up to eight participants as teams rotate in and out of the simulators. When a team isn’t flying they’ll debrief the last fight, watch the current one, and plan tactics for their next encounter.

Red Flag

Fly a cooperative scenario against Squadron Ops staff aggressor pilots as your team attempts to accomplish a mission. Assisted by Darkstar, your staff air battle manager, you’ll fly air superiority, deep strike, and close air support missions for your team. Everybody will be flying together and teamwork is required to win. Up to four pilots can participate in this format.

Block Clearance

If you’re looking for a more free-form experience try our Block Clearance event. In aviation a block clearance gives you use of airspace for whatever you like, and that is exactly what we do. You’ll get a fun and varied experience that can include air racing, helicopter landing contests, bomber attack missions, and formation flying, just tell our staff what you enjoy and we’ll make it happen! This format allows for four pilots at each of our locations.


Red Flag events are $60 per person. Block Clearance events and Dogfight Tournaments are $60 per person. To book your party please contact Squadron Ops.

The Squadron Ops Experience

  • Unique Corporate Team Building Events
  • No-Holds Barred Dogfights
  • Instruction From Real Pilots
  • Perfect for Pilots of All Skill Levels

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Would you like to buy a Squadron Ops flight simulation experience for a friend or a loved one but not sure what date to schedule their experience for? Now you can let them decide!

Squadron Ops Sim Center lets you experience modern or World War II air combat without ever leaving the ground Featuring high definition displays, IR head-tracking, and awesome power to create an immersive and exciting experience

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