Do I need a reservation?

Yes, we operate on reservations to ensure that we don't overbook our flights.

Who will I fly with?

You will get to dogfight with and against your friends and family! Squadron Ops Sim Center doesn't combine multiple bookings, so you will only fly with the people who you came with and never with strangers. If your group doesn't fill all of the available simulators, you can choose to have Squadron Ops staff fly as well to increase the number of aircraft in the simulation.

Can I add more people to my reservation?

Yes, you can add people up to a total of four in your group. There is no need to let us know in advance, just have any additional group members come with you and we'll charge you the difference in prices at the time of your session. If you used any coupons or discounts for your booking, your additional group members will get the same percentage discount.

How many people can fly together?

We have four simulators at each of our locations, so up to four people can fly at one time.

Can I book a reservation for one person?

Yes, you can. If you do a Squadron Ops staff member will fly the simulators with you, and if more than one staff member is available you can opt to have them also join in the simulation.

Can I fly cooperatively with my group instead of against them?

Yes, we have scenarios available where you can fly as a team against either staff or computer-controlled opponents. If you would like to do this, please use the contact form on this web site to let our staff know.

How far ahead will I need to book?

You can book up to two months in advance, and we recommend reserving a flight as early as possible.

How long does the experience last?

The entire experience lasts 75 minutes, including 60 minutes in the simulators and a 15 minute briefing with our staff members.

Do I need to have any experience?

No! Our instructors will provide all of the training you will need. We have had customers who have never flown an aircraft or used a flight simulator, all the way to current and former military pilots.

Is there a height or weight limit?

There is no height limit, but there is a weight limit of 260 pounds due to the capacity of the simulator seats.

Is there an age limit?

The recommended minimum age to participate is ten due to the realistic nature of the simulators. If a member of a group is under 14 years old, then we do require a parent or guardian to be present as either an observer or participant.

Do the simulators move?

The simulators do not move, the military does not use motion in fighter simulators either. The simulators have three 27" monitors and and IR-based head tracking system, so when you move your head it changes your view in the sim and amplifies the movement about five times, giving you a full 360-degree view on the monitors. You sit in a specially designed sim chassis, with an F-15-style stick and throttle, plus rudder pedals. Two MFDs in front of you to control all of the aircraft systems, which you can also do using the HOTAS controls on the stick and throttle.

The Squadron Ops Experience

  • Unique Corporate Team Building Events
  • No-Holds Barred Dogfights
  • Instruction From Real Pilots
  • Perfect for Pilots of All Skill Levels

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